Daily PRIVATE Wildlife Tours into Lamar Valley, Yellowstone

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Photo Credits: @Hunter_graham_photo, Henry Finkbeiner


Known as America's Serengeti, Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park is famous for its animals. From the bison herds, which at times can span for more than a mile and number more than a thousand animals, to the wolf packs that can be seen many days of the year, Lamar Valley can keep wildlife viewers occupied most days.

Grizzly, Black Bears, Pronghorn, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Osprey, and Bald Eagles are just some of the wildlife that calls this part of the world home. We offer several tours into Lamar Valley and Slough Creek within Yellowstone National Park from Silver Gate, Montana.

Silver Gate Guides currently offer Private Half-Day (Sunrise ans Sunset) and Private Full-Day Tours. 

We meet at Silver Gate General Store unless pickup is arranged at Roosevelt-Tower Junction. If you are staying in Gardner, MT or Canyon Village in the park then we highly recommend meeting at Roosevelt-Tower Juntion instead of Silver Gate,MT. 

Food and drink are provided on all our tours. 

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Wolf watching in Lamar Valley

Why Choose Silver Gate Guides for your willdlife adventures?

We are a premier wildlife tour provider specializing in private excursions within the magnificent Yellowstone National Park. Known for our exceptional expertise and dedication to creating unforgettable wildlife experiences, we stand out as a top choice for those seeking an intimate and educational journey through Yellowstone's diverse ecosystems.

Expertise and Knowledge

We boast a team of seasoned professionals who are not just guides, but also passionate wildlife enthusiasts and naturalists. Their deep knowledge of Yellowstone's flora and fauna, combined with an understanding of the park's complex geology and history, ensures that every tour is both informative and engaging. They are adept at tracking and locating wildlife, from the majestic bison and elusive wolves to the soaring eagles and playful otters, offering guests the chance to witness these animals in their natural habitats.

Tailored Private Tours

Understanding that each visitor has unique interests and preferences, we specialize in private tours that are tailored to individual needs. Whether you're a photographer looking to capture the perfect shot, a family seeking an educational adventure, or a nature enthusiast eager to learn about Yellowstone's wildlife and landscape, our tours are customized to meet your specific desires.

Responsible and Sustainable Practices

We are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism. We emphasize the importance of respecting wildlife and the natural environment, ensuring that the tours are conducted in a way that minimizes impact on the park's ecosystems. This responsible approach not only protects the park but also enriches the visitor experience, providing a deeper connection to nature.

Unique Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

Our guests have the opportunity to explore lesser-known areas of the park and observe wildlife behaviors that are often missed in larger group tours. The guides know the best times and places to maximize wildlife sightings, enhancing the likelihood of seeing a wide range of animals in their natural settings.

We offer an unparalleled Yellowstone experience, blending expertise, personalization, and a deep respect for nature. The private wildlife tours are more than just excursions; they are journeys into the heart of one of the world's most incredible natural wonders, guided by experts who are as passionate about Yellowstone as they are knowledgeable.

For those interested in experiencing Yellowstone's wildlife up close and in a personal, informed manner, Silver Gate Guides is an exceptional choice. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability makes us a preferred partner for anyone looking to explore the wonders of Yellowstone National Park.

Road Conditions

The road between Mammoth Hot Springs and the northeast entrance is the only park road open to regular traffic year-round, weather permitting (closes in winter east of Cooke City, MT). All other park roads are closed to wheeled vehicles (cars, vans, motorcycles, etc.), and open to limited snowmobile and snowcoach travel from mid-December to mid-March. Before coming to the park, be sure to check the following:

  • Park roads: the current road status and seasonal road opening/closing dates.
  • Road improvement projects: active and planned construction projects that may cause delays and closures.
  • Webcams: a live look at traffic approaching the north and west entrances to the park.


Meet Our Guides


Hunter Graham

NAI Certified Interpretive Guide, wildlife tracker, and photographer
Hunter is a native of Silver Gate and Red Lodge and grew up exploring the park on horseback. Over the years Hunter has developed a vast knowledge of Yellowstone, the ecosystem and perfected his spotting skills. Hunter also has a degree in photography from Montana State University.

Kate Jewett

NAI Certified Interpretive Guide
Kate is a Michigander who calls Yellowstone her second home. She has now been living her summers in the Yellowstone area for five years. As an avid hiker, Kate has hiked over 250 miles in the park. She has a goal to hike in every National Park. In the past year, Kate has been to 19 out of the 63! As a fun fact enthusiast, Kate loves to share knowledge and experiences with anyone who respects and appreciates the wildlife we share in Yellowstone National Park. If Kate could be any animal she would be a grizzly bear, she'd live in the mountains, taking naps in the sun, and eat all the huckleberries!

Alexander MacAlpine

NAI Certified Interpretive Guide
Alexander is a Wildlife Guide and Arborist based in Silver Gate, Montana. He’s been visiting YNP and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem since the age of three and has been working in the Silver Gate/Cooke City communities on and off since 2014, establishing full-time residency in 2023. As a guide he seeks to reveal the unity and parallels between ourselves and the natural world through wildlife viewing. In his free time you’ll find him sun-bathing, swimming, climbing trees, hiking/trail-running, dirt-biking, playing music, or simply enjoying the silence and serenity of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.