We currently accept booking online or call our reservations agents at Silver Gate Lodging (406) 838-3434

Yes, all of our tours are private, meaning the tour that you choose is only for you and the people you choose to be on the tour with you. 

Yes, we provide luxury SUV's for all our private tours. We can seat at least 5 guests per vehicle comfortably. 

Yes, we provide top of the line Swarovski and Vortex Scopes and Binoculars. Our guides also have PhoneScopes to capture photos and videos on their devices that can be shared with you. 

If you are stying in Silver Gate or Cooke City then we meet at the Silver Gate General Store. If you are staying in the park in Mammoth or Canyon area then we meet at Tower Junction. If you are staying in West Yellowstone then please contact us for additional information. 

Ideal wildlife viewing is dependent on many factors such as weather, migration patterns, and animal behavior, making it impossible to guarantee sightings. Our guides, with their expertise and resources, will do their best to provide the best viewing opportunities but it is always subject to the unpredictability of nature. Viewing opportunities can inlcude but not limited to bison, wolves, elk, bear, bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goats, deer, birds of prey, pronghorn, waterfowl, and more.

  • Our guides are:
    • National Park Service CUA Guide certified
    • nature lovers that are out in the field often
    • experienced at spotting wildlife
    • connected with other guides via the wolf radio network
    • equipped with phenomenal optics for best guest viewing experiences

Yes, we offer our summer tours from mid May to late September and winter tours from mid Nov to mid March. 

We currently offer several guided tours. For more information please visit the tour page. 

Our full-day tours average between 7-8hrs.
Half-day tours average 3-4hrs.

In order for you to have an enjoyable experience in the field, it is imperative that you bring the following items to stay safe and comfortable:

  • Any medications or necessary medical equipment you may need during the tour
  • Sturdy, closed-toed shoes or boots
  • Warm, comfortable layers. Gloves, scarf, beanie, wool socks, and warm layers are advised.
  • Rain Jacket
  • Yellowstone National Park entrance pass (any pass which grants entry into the park – weekly, yearly, interagency annual, senior, access, etc.)

 You may also wish to bring the following:

  • Hat and/or sunglasses
  • Your favorite travel mug and/or reusable water bottle
  • Camera 
  • Cell Phone (little to no cell service but good for pictures)
  • Your preferred sunscreen
  • Your preferred snacks and drinks, we will provide snacks and drinks as well as a light breakfast for sunset tours, light breakfast and lunch for full day tours and snacks for sunset tours
  • May through September weather ranges from low temperatures near 10°F (-12°C) and snowing to highs near 80°F (27°C). Dressing for the weather will ensure you have an amazing day in the park!

Tips are not mandatory but always appreciated.

Most of our wildlife tours are suitable for all ages, but some may be more physically demanding than others. It's a good idea to check with us to determine the level of difficulty and whether it's suitable for your group.

During the tour, we will drive and stop periodically to view wildlife and you will be provided with optical equipment to enhance the experience. We will also have the option for spotting more animals as we drive to different viewing locations, and for full-day tour, you will have the opportunity to take a short hike. The tour accommodates the needs of all participants.

Each of our two vehicles can comfortably accommodate five passengers

  • All our guides have been trained as Certified Interpretive Guides by the National Association for Interpretation. 
  • Each guide has its own unique area of expertise

While it's not guaranteed, there is a good chance of seeing predators such as bears and wolves on our wildlife tours. It's important to follow all safety guidelines provided by the tour guide and stay a safe distance from any wildlife you encounter.

To reduce the risk of Covid-19 spread and keep everyone safe during our trips, the National Park Service requires that masks be worn at all times when you are inside the vehicle with your guide. Our cars are sanitized after each tour.